For many actors, it is the role of a lifetime. Now it is Michael Fassbender’s turn to play Macbeth, with Marion Cotillard at his side as Lady Macbeth. Directed by Justin Kurzel, this take on the famous William Shakespeare tragedy appears at first blush to adhere to the plot characteristics that make it such a thrilling piece of work. 

Due in theaters in late 2015, the trailer for the movie gives viewers a small, yet intimate, peek into what is to come. In an article written by The Washington Post’s Ron Charles, Stephen Greenblatt commented on what he could glean from the trailer.

“The trailer seems in touch with several features that make the play attractive to contemporary audiences: lots of blood and gory battle scenes; a strong, erotically charged relationship at its center; an intense interest in the costs of masculinity; a way of imagining the link between sex and violence.”

Greenblatt also turned a critical eye towards the subtle linguistic twists of the new film. “In the play that Shakespeare wrote, Macbeth asks, ‘If we should fail?’ and his wife answers, ‘We fail?’ In the trailer, Cotillard says, ‘We’ll not fail’ (with an emphasis on the not). It would take some work to tease out the meaning of the apparently simple change in the script, but I think it tells us something about the nature of this adaptation.”

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